Life is a mistress

Life is a mistress.

Life is not your girlfriend or boyfriend. She is not to be trusted, she will not be there to help you when you fall and, in all probability, she doesn’t even care much about you. Or he.

Life is a mistress. No, she is not a harlot. She is not an out-of-wedlock affair. Have some respect. 

You are single and life is your lover. An ungrateful but irresistible lover! She doesn’t wish you well, but you wish her. That’s why she abuses you so much. F**k.

Perhaps that’s because she is much more beautiful, intelligent and experienced than you are. You look like a boy close to her. Or a girl. Completely lost. And she makes fun of your incompetence, which is so visible, and so laughable.

Life is a lover who does what she wants with you and you can’t even think of objecting her. Or him. Because if you do, it gets worse.

Life is a lover who doesn’t answer when you call, but who is always ready to f**k your brains out if she feels like doing it. And she always f**ks your brains out when she wants to, whether you want it or not. And she f**ks you with so much more perfection than you do her. Poor you.

You know she cheats on you, no doubt in your mind, even if it is not true. But you are incapable of cheating on her. Not because you don’t want to, but because you simply can’t.

Because, despite everything, you only have her.

Life is a lover who mistreats you, but you cannot live without her. Or him. Because, when it’s all said and done, it’s worth it. The good moments are worth it.

Or at the very least, because the option you have is much worse. And in the midst of all the chaos, the rare and short sparks of happiness support you.

Together with the certainty that all of this will soon be over.


Original text in Portuguese.

>> Please message me if you notice any English mistakes.

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