Beings of all species, unite!

Farm animals represent an immensely large number of individuals who systematically suffer in an absurdly cruel way while receiving a very slim fraction of the efforts for animal welfare and charity in general.

Life is a mistress

Life is tough. But the good moments are worth it. And in the midst of all the chaos, the rare and short sparks of happiness support you. Together with the certainty that all of this will soon be over.

Competence and humaneness

When we think of acts of humanity we often think of charity and humanitarian missions. But they are not the only way to help people in need.

Life comes in waves

Play a long game and ignore the noise. Be deeply sure that all things must pass. Remember that life comes in waves, as does the sea.

All your life has brought you here

I was in high school and I was talking to a friend about the college entrance exams we were going to have in a few days. He asked me how I felt about the test that was coming up. I answered, "I think I'm ready... I've been studying for at least 11 years for this...... Continuar Lendo →

No one is good in bed

This text is not about substandard sexual performance. The point here is: to change yourself, first change your circumstances. In 2017, I attended a lecture by Drauzio Varella where he said that he goes out to run very early every day. He said he always wakes up, gets out of bed and puts on his... Continuar Lendo →

For whom the bell tolls

It is said that nothing is created, everything is copied. The title of this text was copied from a music by a Brazilian singer named Raul Seixas, called "Por quem os sinos dobram" (For whom the bell tolls), which is a nice but kind of obscure song. In one verse, Raul sings that "one alone... Continuar Lendo →

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